Full Sail University:


Below are the some of the final pieces I had to complete while attending Full Sail University's Online Computer Animation Program. These projects ranged from basic image compositing, rotoscoping, set extensions, 3D Matte Paintings, etc..

It has been some time since working on these type of projects but absolutely loved working on them. With some time I could get back into these.

Roto/Key project
Roto/Key project

Rotoscoping/Keying project mock up.


This was the final Mock up for the set extension project.

3D Matte Painting Project
3D Matte Painting Project

This was the final mock up for the 3D Matte Painting before getting it ready for the projection part of the project.



This is the final version of my 1st Asset for my Portfolio. This was a rotoscoping/keying project. I had to remove the girl from her original background which was a white background to a new one. This is the one I found that worked the best.  



This is the final version of my 2nd Asset for my Portfolio. This was a set extension project. The original shot only had mountains in the background. I replaced those mountains with new ones and replaced the sky and also added some extra things like the castle and getting rid of a building. 



This is the final version of my 3rd Asset for my Portfolio. This was a 3D matte painting project. The original image was just the mountains by theirself. I added the other images to it and then made a camera from scratch and put it thru the scene. I then had to model some geo for the foreground elements.




This is the Final Demo Reel I did for Full Sail University. This was a month long class where we combined our 3 portfolio assignments into a video. We had to show breakdowns of the assets and all of the other work that was put into each one.